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Photo of Michael Harshbarger and Heidi Kelly-Gibson

Michael Harshbarger and Heidi Kelly-Gibson

Michael Harshbarger - Michael is an Accessibility Instructor and a Project Manager for Deque’s Training team. He worked for 20+ years in IT for a Fortune 40 company as a Developer, Project Manager, and Program Manager.

Michael has experienced Accessibility in the software development life cycle. For Michael Accessibility is both a professional and personal passion. He has seen Accessibility work through the experience of his brother and two of his children.

Heidi Kelly-Gibson - Heidi joined Deque in 2018, bringing with her two decades of experience in project management, customer success, and service. Most recently she is focused on her customer’s accessibility journeys and supporting them through the development and execution of their accessibility programs.

Heidi is an avid blood donor, loves being the mother of three great young adults, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. Heidi is seldom without her faithful furry companions: her beloved English Bulldog, Louie, and her sweet Labradoodle Rottweiler Mix, Luna.

One fish jumping away from group into a new bowl with an accessibility icon in it (part 1)

Change Management for Accessibility: Part 1

Practicing accessibility, in the proper manner is about embedding it into your organization’s development lifecycle, so it is not a reactive and costly fix for the team. For this reason, change management principles and practices are great ways to help implement accessibility successfully.