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CB Averitt is a Senior Consultant at Deque Systems. CB has been in web development for over 15 years. Having owned and operated Averitt Web Services, he has experience with front-end and back-end development as well as design and user experience.

CB has completed hundreds of assessments and remediations in numerous technologies such as web, PDF, and mobile. He has performed numerous presentations across the State of South Carolina. He has presented at major accessibility conferences such as CSUN’s “Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference” as well as Knowbility’s “John Slatin AccessU”. CB has been a volunteer with The South Carolina Assistive Technology Advisory Committee (SC ATAC) for over 9 years.

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Accessibility for Mobile Web: Improving Color Contrast

illustrations of ux design and color contrast on a mobile phone

Color contrast is a hot topic in the area of accessibility testing. And often overlooked, are accessibility color contrast best practices specific to mobile web. Let's start by diving into the web content accessibility guidelines, also known as WCAG, and the success criterion related to contrast minimum. We will also dive into things web designers should keep in mind when designing and review which tools… Continue Reading Accessibility for Mobile Web: Improving Color Contrast

Accessibility for Mobile Web: Fixing Pinch to Zoom

Illustration of pinch to zoom

Hey, everyone! Let's talk a little bit about pinch to zoom on a mobile device. A key feature of mobile browsing is being able to zoom in to read content and then to zoom out to locate content on the page. Sadly, there is a misconception among responsive developers and designers that a properly implemented responsive web design site doesn't need to allow zooming. I want… Continue Reading Accessibility for Mobile Web: Fixing Pinch to Zoom