Monitor and Manage

Image of WorldSpace logoDoes your accessibility project need a powerful enterprise-level solution? When you’ve got a big accessibility project, you need an automated testing tool that’s up to the task. WorldSpace combines the fast and thorough reporting capabilities of FireEyes and can use them across any quantity of pages. It also offers special features for managers, developers, and QA.

How else can WorldSpace help you?

  • You can set WorldSpace to report based on a specific set of guidelines or create custom guidelines.
  • You can delegate a certain quantity of errors or pages to specific team members and track their progress.
  • If your site uses some of the same structural content across multiple pages, you can set WorldSpace to test only specific parts of a page.
  • You can record and test automated scripts for specific use-cases – a login or transaction process, for example.
  • When you’re in the accessibility maintenance phase, you can set it up automatically to test your pages weekly, monthly, or a schedule is right for your team and your site.
  • WorldSpace can also conduct accessibility scans for mobile and responsive versions of websites and applications.

Not to mention the search and sorting functions and other organizational tools that are available to you and your team in WorldSpace.

But, the best way to get a sense of how your accessibility project can utilize a tool like WorldSpace is to see it in action. Schedule a demo and see what an enterprise-level accessibility tool can do for you!


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