Give Your Developers the Tools to Create Accessible Websites

Image of FireEyes LogoDo you know if your website is accessible? If you’re not sure, why not test it? FireEyes is our free accessibility testing plug-in. With the click of a button, it can provide a detailed and comprehensive report of any accessibility errors on any of the pages within your site. You can then send that error report to the WorldSpace public server where you can download it as an Excel or .csv file.

What You Need to Know about FireEyes:

  • It’s a Firefox plug-in that runs with Firebug, the premiere web development tool for Firefox
  • With FireEyes you get access to the WorldSpace public server where you can create projects and download your testing results
  • All error reports include details about the specific standard in violation, return excerpts of the HTML code in violation, and include the capability to highlight the specific area of the page where the error is located
  • Did we mention it’s free?

FireEyes Installation Instructions


For our enterprise solution, visit WorldSpace.

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