FireEyes Installation

Note: before you begin, make sure you are using Firefox 31 or above, and have a compatible version of the Firebug plug-in installed*.

Now, to get started:

  • Go to the WorldSpace Registration Page and register.
  • Fill in the Name, Email Address and other information
  • Make sure to read the License Agreement
  • Select Register
  • A save file dialog will open
  • Save the FireEyes.xpi file to a location on your computer
  • In Firefox select File / Open and navigate to the file (FireEyes.xpi)
  • Open the file and follow the steps to install the add-on
  • After the installation is complete restart Firefox
  • Open Firebug from the tools menu. You will see the FireEyes option in Firebug
  • Review your settings under the FireEyes settings tab
  • Select NOW on the current document tab to analyze the current page in the browser.
  • Do NOT install Firebug v3 alpha.