Deque Trademarks

DEQUE, DEQUELABS, AXE®, and AXE-CORE® are trademarks of Deque Systems, Inc.

This policy of Deque Systems, Inc. (“Deque”) provides guidelines for use of the DEQUE, AXE, and AXE-CORE trademarks (“Deque Trademarks”) to identify Deque’s software. Use of the Deque Trademarks must be in accordance with this policy.

You may use the Deque Trademarks in plain text to truthfully refer to and/or link to Deque’s software, and to truthfully explain that your software is based on Deque’s tools, or is compatible with Deque’s software, in compliance with this policy. Any other use of the Deque Trademarks, including any logos, requires prior written permission. The Deque Trademarks should be used in their exact form.

  • You may not use the Deque Trademarks in any manner that implies approval or endorsement by or association with Deque. You may not use the Deque Trademarks to refer to a product other than Deque’s software.
  • You may not use the Deque Trademarks in a manner that may diminish or otherwise damage Deque’s goodwill in its trademarks.
  • You may not distribute any modified software under the Deque Trademarks. Deque recognizes that community members writing related software need some way to identify the Deque product to which that software pertains. The Deque Trademarks must be used in a way that users will not be confused as to whether the related software is an official Deque product or otherwise approved by Deque. The name of such software may not include, in whole or in part, the Deque Trademarks in a way that suggests a connection between Deque and the extension.

Any use of the Deque Trademarks must include a trademark attribution notice: “[Deque trademark] is a trademark of Deque Systems, Inc. in the US and other countries.” Any use of the Deque Trademarks is pursuant to this policy. Deque reserves the right to withdraw its consent for you to use any Deque Trademarks in its sole discretion. Deque owns all rights in the Deque Trademarks, and your use of them does not transfer any rights to you. Any goodwill generated by your use of our Deque Trademarks will belong to Deque.