What You’ll Miss If You’re Not at CodeMash Developer Conference

What You'll Miss If You're Not at CodeMash Developers' ConferenceTwo exciting bits of news that developers should know:

  1. We’re making an appearance at one of the most anticipated developer events of the year.
  2. You can win a free Parrot Bebop Drone from Deque (more info on that below).

In the Mix at CodeMash

CodeMash V2.0.1.5 is an annual four-day event January 6-9, 2015, in Sandusky, Ohio. At CodeMash, thousands of developers converge to learn about current practices, methodologies and technology trends in a variety of platforms and development languages such as Java, .NET, Ruby, Python and PHP.

Deque was an early adopter of many technologies that are featured at CodeMash, and this year we’re a CodeMash sponsor. If you’re attending, you’ll have the opportunity to sit in on two presentations by Deque Vice Presidents of Product Development Dylan Barrell and Keith Rhodes. Here’s a preview of their talks:

Accessible Web Applications with ARIA

WAI-ARIA’s role and aria-attributes, combined with the rich capabilities of JavaScript, allow rich Internet applications to be made accessible without any limitations for disabled users. In this session, Dylan Barrell will explain the relationship between the DOM and the accessibility tree, give an overview of all the ARIA roles and attributes, and discuss how adding these to the DOM impacts the accessibility tree.

Dylan will highlight the ARIA roles that work well across multiple platforms, the tricks to get them to work consistently, and five best practices for successfully implementing ARIA in a cross-platform fashion. Attendees can get their hands dirty with an example of a gesture-and-keyboard compatible widget that was implemented using ARIA with annotated source code.

Product Demo: Stop feeling guilty about your lack of accessibility testing – by automating it!

You have new tools like Jasmine, Selenium, Cucumber and Mocha. You integrate early and often. You do automated deployments and regression testing. You are an automation ninja. But that accessibility thing is cramping your style. It doesn’t have to be that way. Come and learn how to integrate automated accessibility testing into all your modern tooling and restore the shine to your development workflow.

Keith Rhodes will demonstrate automated accessibility testing for iOS and web applications with tooling from Deque. Jason Karns from Test Double will talk about usage scenarios for the various alternatives when integrating accessibility tooling into your development workflow.

Deque: Developer of Developers

At Deque, we’re big on innovation and creativity. So we built an environment that helps spawn innovative work. Our Ann Arbor office is a stimulating, dynamic environment with a diverse team of highly motivated and skilled individuals. Our office space is modern and open, allowing Dequers to engage with each other easily and actively or find a quiet area for collaboration.

We are always looking for developers who want to make an impact. The work every developer does at Deque is guaranteed to make an impact in our products and on the lives of people with disabilities throughout the world. Young programmers find immediate opportunities to make a difference—and to be mentored by veterans who have already had a big impact.

If you’re at CodeMash 2015, be sure to stop by our exhibitor booth and talk with us to learn more about what it’s like to work at Deque. We’d love to chat!

About that Drone

We’re excited to be giving away a Parrot Bebop Drone in the Final Prize Raffle (winner to be announced at the Codemash closing ceremony). To get your name in the drone raffle, come by our exhibitor booth and get your CodeMash QR code scanned by a Deque team member.

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