Upcoming #a11ychat on Monday, July 23!

Our next #a11y on Twitter is coming up on Monday.  This month we will feature Glenda Sims and Sharon Rush, and our topic is: “Disability be Damned! When Accessibility Brings Independence, Games, Art & Adventures to Life”.  And, yes, that title is under 140 characters.

The topic is apropos given that Deque has just announced our amazing Amaze plug-in, and the whispers about the Deque Player grow ever louder.  Soon all users, regardless of disability, will be able to spend hours and hours of their lives commenting on their friends’ and family’s inappropriate Facebook posts,  tweeting about food trucks, and enjoying videos of cats playing in boxes!  All kidding aside, these are incredible tools of the 21st century and we are very excited that we can help make these tools accessible to everyone.

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Image of Pip Boy from Fallout 3 giving a thumbs-up
Image (c) Bethesda Softworks

In addition to social media and cat videos, we will be discussing accessible museum exhibits, movies, and even gaming.  You may recall that we recently featured AbleGamers on the blog.  If you don’t recall, allow me to direct you to our AbleGamers Feature and our interview with AbleGamers Editor-in-Chief, Steve Spohn.  Their website and the work they do is fascinating.  Did you know that Fallout 3 is an accessible game?  Their reviewers gave it a 10 out of 10!  Read their review of Fallout 3 here.  I mean, if a game as complex and nuanced as Fallout 3 can be accessible, surely any game can achieve accessibility.

So don’t forget to tune in to your Twitter feed on Monday from 5-6pm EST and use the #a11y hashtag.  If you’d like more information, visit our Twebevent page.  We’ll see you then!


If you’re interested in Amaze or any of Deque’s other products, we encourage you to sign up for a demo.

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