Transforming Education Technology

students with computerWhat is H.R. 521?

The Transforming Education through Technology Act (H.R. 521) has been introduced in Congress. If passed, the bill would require accessible learning technology to be available to students from K-12, for every school subject.

The government would make $500 million dollars available for state education agencies through grants. As part of the application process, the agency would need to describe how they plan to “improve instruction consistent with the principles of universal design for learning.”

When an agency receives grant money they will be able to purchase the needed technology, and will be “required to ensure that teachers, administrators and other educational professionals are properly trained to use assistive technology for curriculum redesign to improve student achievement, for proper assessments to personalize learning, to improve student technology literacy and to expand the range of supports and accommodations to students with disabilities.”

This is great news for those of us passionate about making the web accessible to all. Giving children living with disabilities access to education and technology that will help them be successful in the future is positive news for everyone.

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