Does the “Shellshock Bash” Vulnerability Affect WorldSpace and Amaze?

Deque Amaze logoYou may have heard about a new security vulnerability, called “Shellshock Bash.” News reports claim that this vulnerability is affecting every Linux, Unix and Mac computer on the Internet, and that a malicious attacker can take control of these machines.

Are Your Deque Applications at Risk?

Deque Systems does not believe this vulnerability will affect WorldSpace or Amaze in either our cloud instances or onsite. To take every precaution, we have patched all of our Amazon AWS instances to fully address this vulnerability.

If you have concerns, we can provide confirmation that we have proactively patched all of our systems. This patching was completed by close of business Friday, Sept. 26.

We recommend that customers who have installed WorldSpace or Amaze locally on a Linux server patch those servers with the appropriate fixes for their environment.

How to Get More Information

For more information about the Shellshock Bash patch, contact us.

You can learn more about WorldSpace and Amaze here.