Pragmatica11y: Web Accessibility Best Practices

PragmaticallyContinuing our end of the year wrap-up, we are highlighting some of the best accessibility blog posts from 2013. Denis Boudreau’s Pragmatica11y series was a popular feature on the Deque blog this year. Pick and choose the blog topics that interest you, or read them all, starting with the first in the series!

Pragmatic Accessibility

Welcome to “Pragmatica11y”

Denis introduces his new blog column Pragmatica11y and the motivation for its creation. “Pragmatic accessibility” means keeping an open mind about different ideas and accepting that there may be more than one solution to a specific challenge.

Critical Thinking about Accessibility

Pragmatica11y: On critical thinking and being acc-sexy-ble

By expecting web developers to fully understand WCAG 2.0 guidelines, we forget that in order to be able to grasp the meaning of accessible web design, developers need to start by developing their own critical thinking about accessibility. In this post, Denis outlines a new way of thinking about developing for accessibility.

How to Support Designers and Developers with Accessibility

Pragmatica11y: A New Approach to Web Accessibility – Learning to Let Go

This post is about forgetting what we want for a minute and thinking about what designers and developers want, about being empathetic to the reality and pressure these people are under when they create websites, about trusting that they actually mean to do well. This post is about acknowledging that the majority of people who build websites take pride in “a job well done”, and assuming their definition of a job well done includes building websites for all users.

How to Make Content Perceivable to Users with Disabilities

Pragmatica11y: Perception is everything

Context can substantially alter one’s perception and the same is true when we think about the Web. For people with disabilities, even the smallest changes can make all the difference between being able to perceive the content or not. Users need to be able to perceive the contents and features a site offers, no matter what their reality or context happens to be.

Accessibility Core Rules: Making Content Operable, Understandable, and Robust

Pragmatica11y: Teaching Accessibility Core Rules

By teaching about core rules first and making sure stakeholders understand them, we can convey a stronger, more foundational understanding of Web accessibility to the developers and designers in the trenches today. Being aware of those rules will not turn your average developer or designer into an accessibility expert overnight, but it will definitely lead them into creating better, more inclusive user experiences that are more likely to be accessible to all.

The Basics of Web Accessibility Testing

Pragmatica11y: Understanding the Basics of Web Accessibility Testing

Web accessibility testing is an important part of most web accessibility subject matter experts. Most people have their own way of doing things, and while there are usually similar patterns, no two evaluators share identical methodologies. What evaluators truly need is not extensive expertise but rather a fundamental understanding of the goals pursued when creating accessible content.

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