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Has your organization given much thought to web accessibility? Mashable, one of the leading websites for technology and digital news, recently featured an in-depth article about the many challenges that blind users may face while accessing the web. “Blind Community Fights for a More Accessible Web” makes a strong case for web accessibility and the many legal and technological implications. Meredith Ballard, a blind university student at Appalachian State University, notes the need for awareness about the problem of inaccessible web sites: “It’s something that’s not on people’s radars, and I don’t necessarily blame them for that. But if you’re serious about your business, you should be working at this. It’s not an unsolvable problem.”

Solving the problem of web accessibility

Creating awareness about web accessibility has long been our mission at Deque, and as the article points out, it’s the greatest challenge to solving the problem.  Jonathan Lazar, a computer science professor focused on web accessibility, points out:  “The technology is there. The battle has been getting websites to comply.”  Once businesses decide that website accessibility is important to them and to their customers, there are many technological solutions available to remediate issues. Deque, as website accessibility consultants and experts in the field, has developed several advanced tools to test for accessibility issues and easily make them accessible to all users. But the first step of solving the problem is realizing you have a problem. If you need to make the rest of your organization aware about the importance of web accessibility, this would be an excellent article to share.

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