Mobile Accessibility: TED’s Updated iOS App

Streaming Subtitles

TED App screenshotTED is a non-profit that is known for being on the forefront of technology, entertainment, and design. One of their major drawing points are the TED Talks they host on their website and on mobile. TEDs main mission statement is “Ideas Worth Spreading” and with their new iOS app update available now, TED is making their ideas accessible to more people.

While the faster streaming and buffering capabilities of the new version of their app are a welcome addition to their already free app, the feature most impressive to those of us at Deque is their real-time caption integration! With this update, the TED app becomes the largest content provider to use the new iOS6 subtitle feature. This means that all of the streaming video available through the app can now be subtitled in over 90 different languages. What’s better, if you’re using Apple TV and AirPlay, the subtitles transfer over to the device you’re using to watch the videos.

Through the effort and hard work of software engineers and a worldwide network of volunteer translators, TED has made it possible for individuals with hearing impairments to get access to their wonderful content. For their hard work and effort, the accessibility community salutes them.

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