London theatre highlights visual disabilities starring Christopher Eccleston

Read for RNIB DayThe Royal Institute of Blind People (RNIB) recently created a unique theatre experience in London with actor Christopher Eccleston (of Doctor Who fame). The unique performance is performed in the dark, creating a sensory theatrical experience that highlights every sense except sight. “Now That You’ve Died” was written by award-winning author Patrick Ness and is directed by Hector Harkness and Kate Hargreaves.

Read for RNIB Day

The play was devised to create awareness for Read for RNIB Day, a campaign to make more accessible books available in formats such as Braille, audio, and large-print in order to help people with vision disabilities. Read for RNIB Day takes place on October 11, 2013.

For a sneak peek of rehearsals, check out the following YouTube video:


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  1. I saw this video and thought he was great! He is such a fantastic narrator and a great looking guy. I love in the States so I couldn’t see the play.

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