Kickstarter Seeks to Bring Bach to Braille Users

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Bach to Bach

The Open Well-Tempered Clavier Kickstarter project, a.k.a. "Bach to Bach," is bringing free, high-quality recordings of composer Johann Sebastian  Bach's collection, Well-Tempered Clavier to the Internet under a Creative Commons license. The project is being helmed by Robert Douglass - founder of the successful Open Goldberg project - and concert pianist Kimiko Ishizaka and has already reached and surpassed its initial goal of $30,000.

Bach to Bach's first stretch goal aims to bring digital Braille versions of the Well-Tempered Clavier to the internet for visually impaired users.

According to Douglass, "There are 800,000 sheet music titles available to sighted musicians. There are only about 20,000 available as braille to blind musicians (a fraction of 1%). These stretch goals describe how we can more than double that number with this project!"

Other stretch goals include digital Braille versions of Bach's Goldberg Variations, and a special software service that could convert XML music scores into Braille for blind users.

There are 9 days left in the Open Well-Tempered Clavier Kickstarter. Don't miss your chance to participate and fund this unprecedented project.

Learn more about the Open Well-Tempered Clavier Kickstarter page.




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