Come Join Deque at Techshare India 2016: Towards Digital Inclusion

Major a11y news bulletin: If you happen to be in India at the beginning of March and you’re interested in digital accessibility, this event is not to be missed. It’s Techshare India 2016, the conference highlighting accessibility and assistive technology,  and it’s happening Thursday and Friday (March 3rd and 4th) at the India Habitat Center in New Delhi. This year’s theme is “Towards Digital Inclusion” – a value that goes hand in hand with Deque’s mission of digital accessibility for all.


Some supporting themes on enhancing equal access will be presented during the many discussion panels and presentations, including  awareness, ability, access and application. Think of issues like trying to build an a111y team when you’re unsure of how to begin, or how to go about integrating a11y testing into your existing software frameworks. A whole host of digital accessibility challenges will be addressed, highlighting the many different conversations surrounding digital a11y today.

So where does Deque fit in? We’ll be performing demos of our tools aXe, Deque University and FireEyes at our stalls S1 and S2. Some of our experts will also be presenting sessions about “HTML5 elements accessibility” and “Overview of Deque’s products”. Check out the two sessions we’ll be presenting:

  • 3rd March, 2016 – 5:00 PM – Accessibility support for HTML 5 – by Raghavendra Sathish Peri and Sujasree Kurapati – Track 1 (Room Silver Oak 1). This session will highlight new elements introduced in HTML 5 along with their accessibility support across browsers. We’ll cover why issues like “inconsistent outputs” or “no support” are observed for HTML5 elements on different AT and browser combinations. We’ll also explore workarounds to these issues using ARIA.
  • 4th March, 2016 10:30 AM – Enterprise level Accessibility Tools aXe, Deque University, FireEyes, WoldSpace and Amaze – by Glenda Sims and Srinivasu Chakravarthula – (Room Jacaranda) Track 3 (Access)  – Our accessibility experts will introduce you to Deque’s enterprise-level accessibility tools in detail. We’ll highlight how our tools can help dev teams at different points in the accessibility cycle. This includes the following Deque how to’s:
  1. Find It –  How you can identify and locate accessibility issues with aXe and WorldSpace products.
  2. Fix It – How you can fix a11y issues using embedded development support and Amaze.
  3. Learn It – How you can get educated about a11y with Deque University and IAAP certification.

For a bit of background for those of you not in-the-know,  in 2015 Deque  open-sourced  our  accessibility rules engine aXe . We did this with the intention of facilitating accessibility awareness and providing solutions within the a11y community. The beauty of our award-winning rules engine (to toot our own horn)  is that it integrates within any testing framework that supports JavaScript execution.

And speaking of cool tools and services, if you’re looking for more accessibility help, check out Deque University . It’s our very own educational platform that provides a wealth of a11y information, packaged into easily digestible learning modules which you can tackle at your own pace. DU also offers a  public resource library of accessible widgets and A11Y tips. We’ll be offering a free course on Deque University – “Web Accessibility Basics” – which anyone can sign up for. If you’re interested, be sure to visit our stalls at TechShare for free registration info.

We’re also going to be offering some free and open courses on May 19th, which is  Global Accessibility Awareness Day. These sessions are intended both for accessibility testers and developers, as well as those interested in learning more about digital accessibility. For developers and testers, learn how aXe integrates with different frameworks.  In the coming months, Deque is  also going to be offering an overview course on WCAG, plus a course on IAAP certification. For more information on these free sessions, please visit our stalls at TechShare.

In the meantime, we’re looking forward to immersing ourselves in what promises to be a very interesting and informative celebration of digital a11y advancements. We’re equally proud to support the  Accessible India Campaign, which will serve to further the discourse on India’s accessibility journey.

We hope to see you there! If  you have any questions about Deque’s sessions, courses or demos at the event, please feel free to contact  Sujasree Kurapati at the event (stalls S1 & S2) or by email or phone  @ / 91-9908210133  

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