iOS8 Release Provides Greater Accessibility

iOS8 LogoApple’s iOS8 was recently released, and we are excited about the improved accessibility bundled into the upgrade. Ablenet Technology offers a useful review of the new features and an iOS8 upgrade checklist to help you decide whether to upgrade now or wait.

iOS8 boasts several accessibility improvements, including Switch Control, Assistive Touch enhancements, word prediction and more.

Apple’s designs often set the pace for industry standards, and these enhancements illustrate how quickly accessibility is becoming mainstream. More than ever, mobile app developers need to understand how accessibility impacts their apps—and how their apps impact users with disabilities. We expect the latest improvements in iOS8 will help broaden awareness and encourage greater digital accessibility at large.

Ed note: iOS8.0.2 has been released, which provides bug fixes for 8.0.1. You can read details here.