Google + Adds New Accessibility Features to Hangouts

google hangoutThe Google Hangouts team has made it clear that accessibility is important. In the past, we have seen the release of  Hangouts Captions, and Take the Floor, two apps that make using Google Hangouts accessible to sign language users.

Yesterday they announced two more accessibility features! The first is an expanded list of keyboard shortcuts. These are helpful for those you don’t want to, or cannot use a mouse during a Hangout. To see the full list of keyboard shortcuts, type “?” while in a Hangout.

The second feature is an app called Sign Language Interpreter. With this app, deaf or hard of hearing users can invite an interpreter to sign for them during a Hangout. The image to the right shows how the Hangout is viewed by the Sign Language speaker. When the interpreter is speaking for them, they will be the focus of the Hangout. Pretty cool!

If you use the Sign Language Interpreter app and would like to provide feedback, they recommend using the Sign Language Interpreter forum, linked here.

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