Global Accessibility Awareness Day: BugBash Global Community Effort

#a11y #bugbashCelebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day with Deque and the A11Y community by helping us file accessibility bug reports with assistive technology vendors and web browser developers.

We’re asking everyone involved with GAAD and A11Y on Twitter to file as many UA/AT accessibility-related bugs as they can handle, and to post the bugs they’ve filed to the GAAD Bug Bash Google Spreadsheet Tracker.

The GAAD A11Y BugBash Tracker

The GAAD Bug Tracker is a publicly editable Google Spreadsheet that should be accessible and available for anyone to add new bugs. So far I’ve listed column headers for what a typical bug report needs and typed in a few bugs that I’ll be filing personally.

This is a community effort, so please leave comments with suggestions or find me on Twitter @pauljadam to provide feedback. Thanks!

Where to File Bugs?

So where are we filing all these bugs to, exactly? Well, it depends if it’s a browser (User Agent) bug or a screen reader/assistive technology bug. Not all UA/AT vendors have public bug trackers—or any bug tracker—but most do. Many of the bug trackers also have bug reporting guidelines for filing an actionable bug report that we hope will actually get fixed one day.

Here’s a list of bug tracker systems:

Duplicate Bug Reports

The issue of duplicate bug reports is a problem with non-public bug trackers like Apple’s. I’ve filed bug reports with Apple only to find out they were duplicates. Unfortunately, there’s no way to search the bug tracker to see what the duplicate bug report says. So you have to take them at their word that someone else really did file the same A11Y bug as you!

The community solution to Apple’s secrecy is You have to file a duplicate bug report to let the community know about the bug and ask them to promote it being fixed by duplicating the same issue into the official Apple bug reporter.

Promote Those Bug Reports!

Some public bug trackers allow registered users to “star” or favorite an issue to draw more attention and get it fixed faster.

Image of issue to vote for
Vote for this issue and get email change notifications.

Another accessibility bug tracking project of note is the A11Y Bugs Project—although it hasn’t been updated in two years based on the last tweet.

You can also search for “Accessibility” in the bug trackers to find A11Y bugs.

Please File Accessibility Bugs for GAAD! Thanks!

Here’s the bug tracker with all the info you need and links to the various bug reporting systems.

Please be sure to report the bugs you’ve filed so others can duplicate them if they’re serious issues—or if they just want to call more attention to Accessibility for GAAD!

You can file the bugs now, and on GAAD we’ll get them even more attention. We’ll star them, dupe them, tweet and promote the issues caused by bugs in assistive technologies and browsers that make accessibility more difficult and less “global.”

Next Steps

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