Four-legged Flyers Like this App!

A photograph of Pat and her service dog, Germaine, near the Capitol building in Austin, TX.
Pat and Germain in Austin, TX

So, what’s one of the first things most folks want and need to do when they deplane at the airport?  I’d be surprised if you didn’t say “Find the restroom!”

My guide dog, Germaine, agrees.  And now that airports have a legal obligation to providing relief areas for service dogs, the question is “Where is it?”  Airports have devised various approaches from web site information, to inclusion in repeated audio information to signs at baggage claim.  However, I still encounter situations where these areas are hard to find.

Imagine my delight when I found Where to Go: an accessible IOS app that allows you to look up your arrival airport and find directions to the service relief area.  The app is easy to use, and thus far the directions I’ve read have been spot on. As people use the app and as new service dog relief areas are installed, I’m sure this app will continue to evolve.

The app creators Working Like Dogs have thoughtfully included information about Federal laws, Dept. of Transportation FAQs, and a link to their web site (

Sorry for the pun, but: what a relief to find this app!


Where to Go by Working Like Dogs is available for both iPhone and Android.  For more information and links to download, visit the Working Like a Dog website.

Pat Pound is a disability consultant from Austin, Texas who has used technology for many years, starting a training unit for people who are blind in the ’80’s.  She worked for the State of Texas for many years and shaped disability policy including information accessibility.  She is now “retired” but that just means she only does work she likes!  She is a weaver, game enthusiast, and has trained teachers of visually impaired kids regarding use of IOS devices.  “My own blindness has lead me down many interesting paths and it’s such fun now to see how technology can improve our lives!”

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