FireEyes Compatibility Issues with Firefox – We’ve Got Your Back!

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Fire Eyes LogoMozilla Firefox has changed its APIs and they will no longer work with FireEyes, starting with Firefox v.44. If you're using Firefox v.41, you may have already noticed warnings from the browser that the FireEyes plugin is not compatible. When you see these warning messages, we recommend you select "Yes" to proceed, and FireEyes will continue to operate as it has before.

But we have some FireEyes alternatives to address this change.

Deque Has Your Back

There are two options you can choose from:

  1. You can download a browser extension for Firefox or Chrome built on aXe, our open source accessibility rules engine:
  1. You can continue using FireEyes by downloading the most recent Firefox Extended Service Release (ESR) and apply the patches provided for the ESR to address security concerns.

If you're a WorldSpace subscriber, you should have already received information about this. Follow the instructions provided to you via email and your sales rep.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Next Steps


For over fifteen years, Deque has been helping major corporations, government agencies, and other organizations ensure that their websites and mobile apps are accessible to everyone. We have more than fifteen years of history of serving the federal government, including undertaking the biggest accessibility program that’s occurred in the United States government or anywhere. Deque also works with .edu’s and mission-focused nonprofits to ensure that their materials and systems are usable and barrier free for users with disabilities. The company invented the first accessibility plug-in software, the first web-based testing platform, and the first server-based accessibility solution. All of these have been created in the service of helping our customers become accessible, advance the goals of their organization, and remove barriers for all users on the web.

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