Deque’s #a11ychat Guide to CSUN 2013

101113493Welcome to Deque’s #a11ychat guide to CSUN!  This guide was compiled based on the February #a11ychat – you can read the entire #a11ychat transcript on Chirpstory.

First things first: you can review the entire list of CSUN 2013 sessions on the conference website.

You can review Deque’s CSUN 2013 schedule of sessions here.  We’re featuring three different presentation tracks – Amaze, Accessibility Success Case Studies, and Current Topics in Accessibility featuring a great panel of Deque experts and clients.  And on Wednesday night from 6:30-8:30pm we’re hosting an Amazing Evening of entertainment and some very special announcements.  Swing by the Deque room – the Manchester C ballroom on the second floor.

Without further ado, the Deque #a11ychat guide to CSUN…


  • The number one insider tip at CSUN is to meet people – network, chat, make new friends, say “Hi” to the people you’ve maybe heard of but never met, and definitely make time to catch up with your old CSUN friends.
  • Don’t miss the CSUN tweetup.  It takes place Thursday, February 28th at 6:00pm.  Enjoy an evening of talking Twitter, libations, snacks, and a presentation or two.  Visit the CSUN Tweetup website for more information.
  • Stay hydrated!  There’s plenty of free water in the hallways (so maybe hold off on cracking open those $5 water bottles in your hotel room).
  • Don’t forget to collect your swag!  At Deque we’re giving out some very special t-shirts, and a few other AMAZE-ing items you’ll have to swing by the room to see.
  • A tip for blind attendees looking to network – tweet out the sessions you’re in.  Replies will hopefully give you a better sense of who else is in the room.
  • Accept that it’s just not possible to do everything.


  • It’s never a bad idea to plan ahead – make a little CSUN calendar for yourself.  It’s a busy few days!  Don’t overload your brain by trying to simply remember everything you planned to do.
  • The individual session descriptions in the online CSUN schedule include links to add the session to Outlook or iCal.  #a11ychat contributors also recommend making a custom Google calendar (you can share them with your friends!).



  • Looking for restaurants that accept Level Up?  Here is a list of venues that accept Level Up near or bus-able from the Manchester Grand Hyatt (Word Doc).


  • What happens at CSUN, stays at CSUN.
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