Deque Systems Releases Worldspace Version 5.2

 Deque Press ReleaseMay 20, 2014 – Herndon, VA – Deque Systems is today releasing a significant update to WorldSpace, its powerful enterprise-level software solution for web and mobile development programs focused on accessibility of websites for people with disabilities. Designed with the unique needs of the Fortune 500 and large government agencies in mind, WorldSpace offers the highest performance and most thorough reporting capabilities for managers, developers, and QA teams.

WorldSpace’s automated tests allow developers, designers and content contributors to quickly assess their work against multiple international accessibility standards. In addition, results of manual testing performed by experts in web and mobile accessibility can be easily recorded in WorldSpace to create a comprehensive list of defects, which is essential to managing an accessibility effort at any large organization. Advanced reporting built into WorldSpace provides valuable insights such as identifying common issues that can be prevented through additional training for developers. Most importantly, WorldSpace offers:

  • Dynamic Page Insights– Websites that have rich content and are highly interactive require a product that tests the interactive DOM and not just the static HTML from the server. WorldSpace can track changes to the DOM with its browser plug-in, and analyze the accessibility of page elements that appear when a user interacts with them.

  • Scalability– Large companies and organizations need an accessibility testing tool that can handle multiple projects across geographically dispersed teams and produce consistent results. WorldSpace enables such organizations to apply consistent standards across multiple projects so that developers and project teams are always focused on the critical accessibility issues that must be fixed.

  • Integration– A key advantage is built-in JIRA and HP/Quality Center integration which allow enterprises with mature software development processes to benefit from WorldSpace without changing their practices. In addition, secure REST APIs allow use of the robust web-accessibility rule-set from automated testing systems like Selenium and enable developers to get timely reports on accessibility defects so they can be fixed cost effectively.

  • Mobile Site– Considering the importance of mobile users and the growing prevalence of responsive design, WorldSpace 5.2 can test websites as they would appear on smartphones and tablets in addition to the usual desktop rendering.

“Our work with top global brands and large government agencies has given us the opportunity to understand the challenges they face in implementing large-scale digital accessibility programs. Innovations in this new release of WorldSpace are designed to help our customers overcome those challenges easily and efficiently.” Deque CEO Preety Kumar said on announcing the new release.

About Deque Systems

Founded in 1999, Deque Systems has paved the way for digital equality both from the user and technology perspectives. Deque has developed a robust suite of accessibility software tools that include WorldSpace, FireEyes, and Amaze. A thought leader in digital accessibility software and services, Deque was awarded the Computerworld 21st Century Achievement Award for Innovation for the Amaze technology. The company has been recognized in the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies for four years running. Learn more at

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