Deque Is Hosting a Reception and Talks at the CSUN 2015 Conference

Deque_ft._img_Deque_Presenting_200x200Deque Systems is hosting a party at CSUN’s 30th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference March 2-7, 2015 in San Diego, and we’re presenting several talks. If you’re there, be sure to check these out!

Deque-Sponsored Activities at CSUN 2015

Stop by our booth to get a free trial of Deque University, our online teaching portal. And come to our reception on Wednesday March 4 from 7:30-10:30 pm. The reception will feature Ajit Narayanan as a keynote speaker.

Ajit Narayanan is the founder and CEO of Invention Labs, and the inventor of Avaz AAC, the first assistive device aimed at an Indian market that helps people with speech disabilities—such as cerebral palsy, autism, intellectual disability, aphasia and learning disabilities—to communicate. Watch his TED talk.

At the reception we’ll be giving out the Amaze 2015 award and raffling off some cool prizes. Join us for drinks, snacks, and celebration.

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Deque Presentations at CSUN

Desktop and Mobile Accessibility Testing with Jim Thatcher’s Favelets (Paul Adam)

Learn how to use Jim Thatcher’s Favelets, also called JavaScript Bookmarklets, to do page-by-page accessibility testing from a phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Enabling Math: Web, Word & PDF, Emerging Solutions & Overcoming Issues (CB Averitt, David MacDonald and Sina Bahram)

The power of persuasion…No. It’s the power of equation. How can we make math accessible on the web, MS Word & PDF?

Maximize Strengths: Efficient & Effective Expert A11y Testing (Jeanine Lineback, Glenda Sims and Jeff Miller)

Expert A11y testing takes time. We’ve conducted research on using A11y expert brains wisely & more efficiently while simultaneously nurturing the next generation of experts.

The Human Cost of Digital Barriers (Jan McSorley, Wayne Dick, Anne Taylor, Jeanine Lineback, Kim Patch, Sharron Rush, Brent Bakken, Linda Zimmerman and Wayne Ostler)

An open discussion about access to high-stakes, computer-based assessments for students with disabilities and the real-life consequences students pay when the materials are not accessible.

Parting the Red Sea of Inaccessible Corporate Web Sites: Escape the Broken Remediate and Revert Cycle (Keith Rhodes)

This session explores how Accessibility professionals can “Part the Red Sea” and guide their company to improve the process of accessible web site development.

Trends in Accessibility and Tech: 2014 in Review and Looking Ahead to 2015 (Preety Kumar)

Learn about digital accessibility trends throughout 2014 and looking ahead to 2015 based on real experiences incorporating accessibility into Fortune 500 company business plans.

The Impact of Opting in and Self-Identification in Digital Accessibility (Preety Kumar)

This session will explore creative ways of positively identifying “distinctiveness,” how it can make access to information easier, and how self-identification doesn’t necessarily have to compete with convenience in digital accessibility.

Duelling Mobile (Steve Sawczyn, Matt Feldman and Paul Adam)

As accessibility efforts intensify across mobile platforms, more and more users with disabilities are questioning which mobile solution will best meet their needs.

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