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Insider Look Into Deque Showcase Sessions at CSUN 2018

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As a key event helping fuel the growing accessibility community, Deque is thrilled to attend and be a showcase sponsor at the 33rd Annual CSUN Conference. This year’s conference is taking place March 19th-23rd at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego. Come find us at booths 716 and 718 in the exhibit hall. We’ll be performing product demonstrations and can answer any questions you have about any of our products and services. Members of the Deque sales team will also be available for one-on-one meetings if you have specific questions about getting started.

What to Expect

A lot of exciting changes are happening in the accessibility community, from the Section 508 Refresh to native mobile accessibility, to the release of the WCAG 2.1 final candidate recommendation. Deque’s experts are thrilled to cover these momentous events and look toward the future in our 18 showcase presentations.

Showcase Sessions and Events

During this year’s showcase sessions, we’re covering all the basics, plus in-depth discussions on some of the trending and innovative web accessibility issues. We’re thrilled to be presenting with our favorite community members, including Lainey Feingold, Dena Wainwright, Sabrena Foxx, and Andy Nelson. All presentations will take place in the Deque Showcase, located in Seaport Ballroom F, 2nd Floor, Seaport Tower.

Wednesday, March 21st

  • 9:00—9:50am: The State of Accessibility, 2018, Preety Kumar
  • 10:00—10:50am: 2018 Digital Accessibility Legal Update, Lainey Feingold
  • 11:00—11:50am: What’s New in aXe, Marcy Sutton
  • 1:20—2:10pm: Automating Native Mobile Accessibility, Chris McMeeking & Jatin Varishnav
  • 2:20—3:10pm: A Relentless Ally for Accessibility: A Bank A11Y
    Program Case Study
    , Aparna Pasi, & Glenda Sims
  • 3:20—4:10pm: Section 508 Refresh, Katie Haritos-Shea


Thursday, March 22nd

  • 9:00—9:50am: Agile Accessibility, Dylan Barrell
  • 10:00—10:50am: Sustainable Accessibility: a Fortune 50 Story, Andy Nelson, CB Averitt, & Preety Kumar
  • 11:00—11:50am: Accessibility Heuristics: A Practical Framework for Evaluating Designs for Accessibility, Caitlin Geier
  • 1:20—2:10pm: Can functional testers perform Accessibility testing in an Agile process?, Aparna Pasi, Soma Alapati, & Glenda Sims
  • 2:20—3:10pm: Idea Sparks that Ignite A Digital Accessibility Strategy, Dena Wainwright, Dan Bass, & Preety Kumar
  • 3:20—4:10pm: One Problem, Two Success Criteria: WCAG 2.1 Sausage Making and a Carrot & Stick, a Case Study, John Foliot & Chris McMeeking

Friday, March 23rd

  • 9:00—9:50am: Writing Automated Tests for Accessibility, Marcy Sutton
  • 10:00—10:50am: Strategies and Challenges with Automated Testing at the Enterprise Level, Michael Clark & Nick Beranek
  • 11:00—11:50am: A Nightmare on HTML Street: Building Accessible Complex Widgets, Caitlin Geier & Harris Schneiderman
  • 1:20—2:10pm: Affordable Accessibility Testing, Dylan Barrell
  • 2:20—3:10pm: Trials and Tribulations of Single-Page Applications, Andy Nelson & CB Averitt
  • 3:20—4:10pm: Accessibility in Jeopardy: Europe, BAD Boys, and Free Beer, Wilco Fiers & Eric Eggert

Saturday, March 24th

10:00AM-3:00PM (after CSUN): 3rd ANNUAL AXE HACKATHON 

Coffee and Networking

Start your morning off right with coffee, breakfast items, and conversation in the Deque Showcase at 8:00—9:00AM, Wednesday-Friday. Everyone is welcome, so be sure to stop by.

Don’t forget to sign-up for the Hackathon and Karaoke

On top of having a rockstar lineup of presentations and networking opportunities, Deque is proud to announce we will be hosting our infamous party in the Palm Foyer on Wednesday, March 21st from 6:30-10:00PM. Not to mention, as a part of our party, we will be hosting accessible karaoke from 8:00-10:00PM! For those who are new to CSUN, accessible karaoke is karaoke with sign language interpreters. Last but not least, we are hosting our 3rd-annual aXe hackathon on Saturday, March 24h from 10:00AM-3:00PM (after CSUN). We can’t wait to see you there!

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