Coming soon to a theater near you: Accessibility!

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The Royal Treatment

More and more companies are recognizing the importance of making their content accessible to customers regardless of ability. This trend towards accessibility has now gone Hollywood: Regal Cinemas, the largest movie theater chain in the United States, is rolling out assistive technology glasses nationwide.

Sony Entertainment Access Glasses are a breakthrough technology which enables instant closed-captioning as well as an audio headset that offers descriptive tracks. These glasses enable customers with hearing or visual disabilities to fully enjoy the cinema experience.

Regal Cinemas, which is also the most geographically diverse theater chain, is expected to roll-out the service to over 6000 screens. In a recent press release, Rob Del Moro, Chief Purchasing Officer for Regal Entertainment Group stated, "We deeply appreciate and are encouraged by all of the positive feedback from guests and advocacy groups who recognize Regal's leadership in this area. The evolution from open caption presentations and earlier generations of technology to our advanced Sony Entertainment Access System has led to the dawning of a new age of greater access at Regal. And we could not be more proud of the progress." Customers can check local listings for "Accessibility Devices Available" screenings and ask for the device at the guest services counter.

(via CNET)


For over fifteen years, Deque has been helping major corporations, government agencies, and other organizations ensure that their websites and mobile apps are accessible to everyone. We have more than fifteen years of history of serving the federal government, including undertaking the biggest accessibility program that's occurred in the United States government or anywhere. Deque also works with .edu's and mission-focused nonprofits to ensure that their materials and systems are usable and barrier free for users with disabilities. The company invented the first accessibility plug-in software, the first web-based testing platform, and the first server-based accessibility solution. All of these have been created in the service of helping our customers become accessible, advance the goals of their organization, and remove barriers for all users on the web.

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