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Introducing aXe 2.1.7

aXe 2.1.7 is here! In this post, Accessibility Evangelist Marcy Sutton details the technical upgrades in the latest version of aXe, our open source JavaScript accessibility testing engine. Read on to find out how this latest version is better than ever before.

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woman typing on laptop and media icons fly off

Accessibility for User Experience Designers

In this post, JavaScript Developer Matt Isner details the ins and outs of accessible design for user experience designers. Matt covers everything from the initial design stage to the technical specifics, with several tips and practical “Deque How To” hacks to help you ensure that your website is accessible by design. Remember, solving accessibility problems means improving usability for everyone!

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How Deque University is Changing Lives

A few months back Deque University began offering scholarships to people with disabilities. We now have over 670 recipients who are benefiting from our digital courses on web accessibility. Here is the story of Alex Fatum, one of those scholarship recipients. We’ll be sharing more stories like Alex’s in the future.

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