Midas Touch Allows People with Blindness to Experience Visual Art

Photo of a red carpet leading up to stairs and a mirrorThe Arm of Technology Embraces Art

Harvard University students are developing technology that will use 3D printing technology to create a relief of artwork. When it is touched, pressure-activated sensors relay audio feedback about the painting. The audio ranges from a description of the piece’s history and meaning, as well as the object’s physical qualities.

The students see this as something that can be used at schools for the blind, as well as other museums and cultural institutions. As people with sight, they realize their limitations, and plan to demo their technology to students from Perkins School for the Blind. They will be able to get feedback directly from the people who will most benefit from the technology, and make helpful improvements.

They see this project as having long-term potential and hope to “apply its ideas to media such as maps, photographs, comics, and posters.”



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