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Axe DevTools Mobile Now Supports SwiftUI

Axe DevTools Mobile now supports Apple’s new SwiftUI framework! We’re excited to launch a new iOS framework—axeDevToolsXCUI. Fundamentally different from the UIKit framework, the XCUI framework supports both UIKit and SwiftUI, and runs via API in your UI tests. It supports any UI testing framework built from the native XCTest, including Appium. While we will continue to update and maintain the UIKit framework with manual and automated testing, the XCUI framework makes accessibility testing seamless within your existing CI/CD flow.

You likely have a combination of new and existing apps developed in UIKIt and SwiftUI, with varying features, new capabilities to address like AI, location-based technology, enhanced security, biometrics…and it all has to work on thousands of different iOS devices. Now you can test for accessibility throughout your entire native iOS mobile development ecosystem.

The mobile ecosystem is always changing. Sometimes, it seems, faster than the speed of light! We are here to help you stay on top of the mobile market and ensure that your products are accessible to everyone. Current axe DevTools Mobile customers should speak with their account executive or customer success manager to find out more. If you’re using SwiftUI today and you’re not yet taking advantage of the most comprehensive mobile testing in the industry, contact us. As with all of our products, we welcome your feedback on this new release of axe DevTools Mobile. Stay tuned for more exciting axe DevTools Mobile updates!

This post was written as a collaboration with input from Rachael Yomtoob.

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Kim is the Mobile Team Lead at Deque with a background in iOS development. She cares about diversity, inclusion, accessibility and making tech a better home for all. In her spare time she collects plants and dogs, and enjoys activities in nature such as hiking and kayaking.
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  1. Is this a paid product? What are thee features/advantages of using this? Is there a Axe rules for IOS?

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