Accessibility Testing Goes Open Source and Mainstream

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Introducing aXe: The Accessibility Engine

I am thrilled to make our award-winning accessibility rules aXe Logoengine available as open source so we as a community can build upon 15 years of industry-leading accessibility research and best practices.

Accessibility experts can now stop duplicating efforts and work from a common set of rules. Developers and testers can quickly get consistent, reliable, and meaningful results that are actionable. Automated accessibility testing results become easy to understand, extend, and integrate.

The Accessibility Engine, or aXe, is a compact JavaScript library that is open source and available on GitHub. This library makes integration into any development and testing tool simple and quick. Use aXe with any JavaScript framework and any modern browser. Enjoy zero false positive results, eliminating noise and frustration.

Deque's mission is digital equality. If we are to achieve that mission together, we need to take a new approach. Our community goal is to create the most trusted set of accessibility rules anywhere. We invite cooperation rather than competition. Join us in making automated accessibility testing truly "accessible"!

Deque has been invited to contribute the aXe open source library to the W3C WAI Evaluation and Repair Tools Working Group, as work is under consideration there for a normative set of rules for evaluating WCAG 2.0 conformance.

We hope you will join us in our mission and help bring equality to the digital world.


Preety Kumar

Learn more about aXe at

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For over fifteen years, Deque has been helping major corporations, government agencies, and other organizations ensure that their websites and mobile apps are accessible to everyone. We have more than fifteen years of history of serving the federal government, including undertaking the biggest accessibility program that's occurred in the United States government or anywhere. Deque also works with .edu's and mission-focused nonprofits to ensure that their materials and systems are usable and barrier free for users with disabilities. The company invented the first accessibility plug-in software, the first web-based testing platform, and the first server-based accessibility solution. All of these have been created in the service of helping our customers become accessible, advance the goals of their organization, and remove barriers for all users on the web.

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