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Mark Steadman

Mark is an accessibility developer services consultant at Deque. Mark has been working in the accessibility field for 4 years now. He is extremely passionate about the work that he does and strives to make all content on the web/mobile accessible for all. Mark's main focus is researching single-page applications (EmberJS, ReactJS), how accessibility affects them, and how to remedy the issues that are in the frameworks.

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This Is The Way: A Phased Approach to Accessibility in the Development Lifecycle

There is no absolute solution that will add accessibility into the development process in one sprint. However, you can add accessibility as part of the development process in small increments, which will eventually create a well-oiled and agile accessibility process within your development team!
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JavaScript Frameworks & The Lost Art of HTML

We are in the midst of a very large problem in the web development field, where HTML is being left in the rearview mirror in place of JavaScript. The push to know the latest JavaScript framework and understand all its workings vs. knowing how to develop properly with HTML is killing the accessibility of the web.