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Not Enough Hands

girls with a lot of jewlery and bags

As a woman who is blind, I often am challenged by needing one more hand.  I usually have one hand occupied either holding my guide dog's harness or a white cane, or holding a guide's elbow.  Then add on a purse, other items to carry, and my cell phone!  There lies the challenge - I need another hand or a solution for something I carry.… Continue Reading Not Enough Hands

Didn’t Know You Were There

Often I have encountered a blind friend riding the bus only to find out that they were at the same event I attended, although neither of us knew the other was there. I'm sure this happens to sighted folks as well, but it's particularly frustrating when you need to talk to someone to learn later that you missed the chance because you couldn't wander around and spot them… Continue Reading Didn’t Know You Were There

My Life Simplified via Accessible Web and Apps!

Here are some examples of how my life has been simplified through the use of accessible web sites and IOS apps usable by folks needing a screen reader: I can wake up to my phone's alarm and check the weather.This task previously required a specialized Braille or talking watch and/or lock and use of radio or television for weather information. I can pick out clothes… Continue Reading My Life Simplified via Accessible Web and Apps!

How Folks Who are Blind Avoid Eating Moldy Cheese!

I am constantly amazed at the creativity of apps developed to assist people who are blind. One of my favorites is VizWiz. Vizwiz allows you to take a picture and then record a question about what is in the picture. You can choose where your question is sent --machines or humans, and, promptly, you get an answer. As a person who is blind I am… Continue Reading How Folks Who are Blind Avoid Eating Moldy Cheese!

Stoked about Sports!

Folks who are blind have long listened to sports on the radio for a better description than those offered on television. However, if one travels, it can be difficult to find a radio broadcast for your home team. Fret no more: IOS devices and apps solve this problem!  Thankfully many of the apps are quite accessible; allowing you to look at schedules, search for and… Continue Reading Stoked about Sports!

Please Can I Wait?

For folks who are visually impaired and don't drive, waiting on rides and/or public transportation means lots of waiting.  In the past such waits were excrutiating because we couldn't read the paper, do crosswords, or many of the activities our peers use to combat the boredom of waiting.  Enter the IOS devices and bring on the wait! Now, I gladly wait for my husband while… Continue Reading Please Can I Wait?

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