Announcing WorldSpace Attest Mobile: Deque’s New Tool for Native Mobile Accessibility Testing

Testing native mobile apps for accessibility has never been easier. With WorldSpace Attest Mobile, native mobile developers can run automated accessibility tests on their code as part of their regular integration and unit testing processes. WorldSpace Attest Mobile is currently only available for Android and iOS.

WorldSpace Attest Mobile operates much like our existing WorldSpace Attest testing tool and offers the same efficiency, convenience, and accuracy as all of our WorldSpace tools. The result is a tool you can rely on to help you integrate accessibility testing and remediation into your existing development process.

Attest Mobile analyzes native Android applications for accessibility compliance including Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Section 508, and any custom rules your mobile team may need to apply. The WorldSpace Attest Mobile rules engine is based on the same principles as our open source aXe-core rules engine (recently featured in one of Google’s A11ycasts), which means Attest Mobile only tests for accessibility issues that can be 100% accurately determined through automated testing – no noise and no false positives.

How does Attest Mobile Test My Android App for Accessibility?

Attest Mobile operates via a secure application on the developer’s mobile device that interfaces with a corresponding desktop application to provide detailed accessibility issue reporting, including advanced issue descriptions and remediation guidance from Deque University. The Attest Mobile application is accessed in your Android device’s Accessibility menu as an accessibility “Service”.

Much like WorldSpace Attest, WorldSpace Attest Mobile can be incorporated into your regular unit and integration tests, so accessibility issues can be fixed with the same regularity as any functional issue.

Can’t I Just Use Google’s Accessibility Scanner?

You can certainly use Google’s Accessibility Scanner as part of your Android accessibility testing process. Google’s scanner will help you ensure that your app can be effectively navigated by Google’s TalkBack service. TalkBack is a screen reader built into all Android devices and is a huge help to Android users with visual impairment. Unfortunately, the current Accessibility Scanner really only helps with TalkBack accessibility. For example, it won’t offer much help catching accessibility issues that impact low vision users who need to be able to enlarge and zoom in on the app UI, people with motor control issues who may have trouble with different touch mechanics, people with hearing impairment who may not be able to interact with audio instructions or voice commands, or issues that impact mobile assistive technology applications besides TalkBack.

WorldSpace Attest Mobile tests for accessibility issues that affect all users and assistive technologies covered in WCAG, including TalkBack users. If you want to ensure accessibility for all Android users, Attest Mobile is the tool for you.

How can I see WorldSpace Attest Mobile in Action?

We are happy to schedule a demo with you and your team anytime!

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