Intro to Advanced ARIA

image of a laptop with code displayed on the screen, meant to illustrate advanced ARIA

In the first post of his advanced ARIA series, Deque Software Developer Harris Schneiderman gives a refresher on the principles of ARIA - and how to use it to fix common accessibility issues. This series is a must-read for developers looking to take a deep dive into implementing web accessibility. Continue Reading Intro to Advanced ARIA

How Current Design Trends Affect Web Accessibility

Hands sketching a website layout on a digital tablet, meant to illustrate a UX Designer working to create a layout with web accessibility and inclusive design in mind.

When you design with the average user in mind, you design for no one! Web design has come a long way in the past few years, but some new design trends are making websites inaccessible to people with disabilities. In this post, principal accessibility strategist Denis Boudreau reveals some of the most common current design trends that are causing accessibility issues - along with suggestions on how to work around them. Continue Reading How Current Design Trends Affect Web Accessibility

Join our aXe-core Live Tutorial!

aXe: the accessibility engine logo

If you're a developer, join a11y evangelist and senior front-end engineer Marcy Sutton on April 27th for an interactive tutorial on getting started with aXe-Core. Marcy will walk you through aXe-Core setup and answer all your burning questions about accessibility testing with this cool browser extension. Sign up to learn more! Continue Reading Join our aXe-core Live Tutorial!

Make your Word Documents Accessible with MS Word Accessibility Techniques

Film effect of a person working on a laptop up close, meant to represent someone using MS Word accessibility techniques.

Learn how to make your Word documents accessible in our MS Word Accessibility Techniques course at Deque University. This course is one of the key courses in our Accessibility for Document Creators Curriculum, and is the essential building block for anyone who wants to learn how to make their content accessible. Continue Reading Make your Word Documents Accessible with MS Word Accessibility Techniques