iPad Apps for Users with Reading Disabilities

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TeleRead has posted a pretty comprehensive list of mobile apps to help users with reading disabilities, including text-to-speech and dictation software, apps to help dyslexic users, and many more.  The list is broken down into helpful tools, fundamentals (building reading and writing skills), reading, writing, and spelling. You can read the whole list on their website: http://www.teleread.org  

Chrome Vox

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GoogleDevelopers just posted a new video outlining the ChromeVox extension for the Chrome browser.  The extension is supported by all operating systems that support the Chrome browser and is an open source application. Have any of you used ChromeVox?  What kind of experience did you have?  

From the Guardian: ‘Are banks failing disabled people online?’

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The Guardian recently published an article about how many financial institutions have yet to make their websites and web content accessible to users with disabilities.  The Guardian conducted their own survey of eleven banking sites and found Barclays to be the worst offender in their survey.  The article also includes a brief run-down of challenges and best practices. Read the whole article here: Guardian.co.uk -… Continue Reading From the Guardian: ‘Are banks failing disabled people online?’

Not Enough Hands

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As a woman who is blind, I often am challenged by needing one more hand.  I usually have one hand occupied either holding my guide dog's harness or a white cane, or holding a guide's elbow.  Then add on a purse, other items to carry, and my cell phone!  There lies the challenge - I need another hand or a solution for something I carry.… Continue Reading Not Enough Hands

Section 508: Setting the Scene…

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Section 508 is an amendment to the 1973 Rehabilitation Act made in 1998 requiring Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities.  It covers software applications and operating systems, web-based intranet and internet information and applications, telecommunications products, videos or multimedia products, self contained and/or closed products, and desktop and portable computers. Recently, a Department of Justice survey revealed that although… Continue Reading Section 508: Setting the Scene…

Successful 508 Compliance for Federal Agencies: New trends, case studies, and best practices

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Deque is giving a seminar on Wednesday, October 24th, at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. As more and more federal agencies utilize web-based tools to deliver information and services to constituents, 508 compliance becomes more critical to ensure that users who are disabled have equal access. Join a panel of experts who have implemented, supported, and benefited from successful 508 compliance programs at… Continue Reading Successful 508 Compliance for Federal Agencies: New trends, case studies, and best practices

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