Fixing Accessibility Issues

We can help you fix barriers to accessibility on your website and mobile apps.

Our accessibility experts have assisted hundreds of developers for major global brands. They can help you too.
We can work with you to make the required changes efficiently, or we can implement the fixes for you.

Self-Implemented Accessibility Fixes

Want to fix accessibility problems in-house? Deque can help you make sure you get web and mobile accessibility done right the first time, and with minimal effort. We have several options available:

  • Accessibility training for your developers and trainers. Turn your staff into a team of accessibility experts.
  • Industry-leading tools to help your developers and testers efficiently find issues and verify the fixes.
  • On-demand consulting. Our developers work together with yours as needed.
  • Embedded Deque developer who joins your web or mobile apps team for the duration of a project. Not only do you get their deep experience, you also get some of the best-known accessibility experts on the planet backing up the embedded developer.
  • Deque-validated fixes as they happen, so your developers know they're on the right path. We can also validate fixes at the end of development to certify that you conform to all the standards.

Deque-Implemented Accessibility Fixes

If you don't have the time or resources to learn how to fix accessibility problems, Deque can do it for you!

Using our patent-pending technology, we can make accessibility fixes to web applications, without any access to the source code. Our approach is secure, scalable and guarantees that assistive technology users can do everything on your site that other users can do. This is not a text-only alternative--an approach that has even greater risk of lawsuits from people with disabilities.

In addition, we can help you make sure your documents and videos are accessible and compliant. We offer:

  • PDF remediation--Tagging and structuring PDF documents properly for assistive technology like a screen-reader
  • Microsoft Office® document remediation--Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents provide tools to ensure that they are accessible but authors often forget to use them. We can fix that.
  • HTML5 and Adobe Flash® video captioning and audio descriptions
  • Accessible video player for your website
  • Assessment of CMS page templates

Contact us to talk with a Deque expert about getting the accessibility fixes you need.