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The first time many people hear about digital accessibility is when it's suddenly impacting their organization or business in a major way. To help you get your team quickly up to speed, we offer training courses for every level of expertise and just about every aspect of web accessibility, including special topics such as PDF Accessibility and Flash Accessibility. Training is available both online and in-person.


Deque University offers a wealth of web accessibility information delivered through self-paced online learning modules that you can access anywhere and at any time. Work through each module of the accessibility curriculum at your own pace, and use Deque University as a handy reference to find answers to specific questions related to your current projects.

Instructor-Led Workshops (On-Site or Virtual)


General Accessibility Topics
Accessibility Fundamentals(none)Half Day
HTML/CSS AccessibilityAccessibility FundamentalsFull Day
Condensed Bundle:
Accessibility Fundamentals + HTML/CSS Accessibility
Some previous experience with web accessibility principles and techniquesFull Day
JavaScript and ARIA AccessibilityHTML/CSS AccessibilityFull Day
Web Accessibility TestingAccessibility FundamentalsFull Day
Web Accessibility Testing with Screen ReadersAccessibility FundamentalsHalf Day
Mobile Web AccessibilityHTML/CSS AccessibilityFull Day
Specialized Accessibility Topics
MS Office AccessibilityAccessibility FundamentalsHalf Day/Full Day
PDF AccessibilityMS Office AccessibilityFull Day
Condensed Bundle: MS Office Accessibility + PDF Accessibility (same day)Accessibility FundamentalsFull Day
Flash AccessibilityAccessibility FundamentalsHalf Day/Full Day
Accessibility Best Practices for with MVCHTML/CSS AccessibilityFull Day
Deque Products
FireEyes FundamentalsAccessibility FundamentalsHalf Day
WorldSpace FundamentalsFireEyes FundamentalsHalf Day
WorldSpace Advanced Configuration and TestingWorldSpace FundamentalsHalf Day/Full Day
Bundle 1: Accessibility Fundamentals + FireEyes Fundamentals (same day)(none)Full Day
Bundle 2: Accessibility Fundamentals + WorldSpace Fundamentals (same day)(none)Full Day
Bundle 3: FireEyes Fundamentals + WorldSpace Fundamentals (same day)Accessibility FundamentalsFull Day
Bundle 4 (Condensed): HTML/CSS Accessibility + FireEyes Fundamentals (same day)Accessibility FundamentalsFull Day
Bundle 5 (Condensed): HMTL/CSS Accessibility + WorldSpace Fundamentals (same day)Accessibility FundamentalsFull Day
Amaze Overlay Development and SDK IntegrationJavaScript and ARIA AccessibilityFull Day or More

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