Accessibility Assessments: Remediation Phase

We can assess web pages, mobile apps, kiosks, pdfs - whatever web-based content and applications you've got - and tell you exactly what accessibility issues exist and how to resolve them. Our Assessments provide all the details you need to decide how to set priorities and assign work. We also provide your team with detailed information about your accessibility issues, how to fix them, and how to make sure they are really fixed. We believe that meaningful progress towards our mission of accessibility and digital equality depends on introducing accessibility testing and remediation at the enterprise level, and getting an assessment is your first step on the path to participating in that mission.

Detailed Assessment

Do you need to know if your site or application conforms to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), Section 508, or some other set of accessibility requirements? Detailed Assessments are performed by our team of Accessibility Experts and Thought Leaders, many of who actively participate in the development of W3C accessibility guidelines. Our assessments are based on a proven methodology of testing, reporting, and issue prioritization that will lead your team to the most effective and appropriate accessibility solutions for your particular needs.

3rd-party Component Assessment

If you're integrating a third-party component into your website, we can assess its accessibility for you, either before purchase or after implementation. We'll outline your options, identify accessibility problems right down to the relevant source code and give you recommendations for fixing each issue.

Systems and Software Component Library Assessment

Deque can evaluate CMS and LMS systems, tools, SDKs or libraries. Because of their widespread use, it makes sense to ensure that these types of components are accessible. We can assess in-house tools or third-party products.

Mobile Assessment

Mobile Websites

Testing your adaptive or responsive sites in-house can be time consuming and costly. Deque can perform comprehensive testing that's efficient and cost-effective. We'll identify accessibility problems right down to the relevant source code and give recommendations on how to fix the issue.

Native Mobile Apps

Deque can help you make sure your mobile apps are accessible during your development cycle, not after the work is done.

Our WorldSpace for Mobile Development helps developers test the app for accessibility during the development process and ensure the product is compliant when it is released.

Kiosk Point of Sale ATM Assessment

Deque can evaluate devices such as kiosks, point-of-sale terminals and ATMs. The ACAA requires airlines to ensure their check-in kiosks are accessible and we have evaluated many of these for accessibility.

Talk to a Deque expert about getting the assessment you need.