Accessibility Assessments: Finalization Phase

Once you've finished making accessibility changes to your website, you'll need an assessment to verify that your site is now accessible. Deque can perform one of the following tests to verify your changes are complete.

Accessibility Validation

If you choose to fix website accessibility issues yourself, Deque can test your site to ensure that no defects remain. If there are any issues, we can work with your developers to resolve them, if needed.

Usability Testing by Assistive Technology Users

Complying with specifications like WCAG or Section 508 does not guarantee that your site will be easily usable by users with assistive technologies. Usability testing can reveal such problems. We work with you to define the scope of testing, conduct the tests and provide detailed results with recommendations.

VPAT and Third Party Certification

Producing a credible VPAT® (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template®) is a procurement requirement for selling web-based software to the US Federal Government under Section 508. Deque's accessibility experts will equip you with a VPAT that will allow you to confidently say that you are Section 508 compliant. Our VPAT service includes everything provided in the conformance statement performed to the specifications of Section 508 and a report that conforms with VPAT documentation requirements.

If you already have a VPAT, we can also evaluate your site and provide Third Party Certification to verify that your VPAT is correct and up-to-date.

Conformance Statements

A Conformance Statement is a document from a trusted third party that details the level of accessibility for your organization's website or application. A conformance statement can be useful to demonstrate to customers the level of accessibility your web application has achieved, and it can provide useful support in the event that there are legal or regulatory questions relating to the accessibility of your organization's sites.

Deque's Conformance Statement Service

Our Conformance Statement service includes:

  • An audit of the applicable parts of your products and web content using a cost-effective process combining both automated and manual testing.
  • Guidance on how to fix your products and web content - with detailed, actionable feedback that your development team can use.
  • A re-audit of your products and web content after you complete the recommended fixes.

NFB Certification

There is no better way to show your commitment to the more than seven million Americans with visual impairment than by having your site certified by the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) for nonvisual access. Their Nonvisual Accessibility Web Certification (NVA), developed with input from their members and industry experts such as Jim Thatcher, is recognized by the world's leading brands as the best way to show that you care about all users of your websites.

Deque is recognized by the NFB as a Web Accessibility Consultant - we have helped many organizations ensure that their websites are accessible and to help them achieve the NFB's NVA certification. As part of this service, we will:

  • Determine the applicability of NFB's criteria to your website or web application.
  • Decide what level of certification you should target.
  • Consult with the NFB and identify the pages that should be submitted for certification.
  • Audit the relevant pages using a cost-effective process comprised of both automated and manual testing.
  • Provide guidance on how to fix your website or web application - in detail, not vague generalities.
  • Re-audit your pages after you complete the recommended fixes.

Once you are ready, we will submit your complete application for certification and work with you until the NFBmakes its final determination.

Talk to a Deque expert about getting the assessment you need.