Accessibility Assessments

Need to know how accessible your mobile apps or website is? We can tailor an assessment that matches your specific needs, whether it's a quick check of a specific element or a comprehensive website evaluation. At the end of the assessment we'll deliver a report you can bank on--our experts wrote the book on accessibility standards.

There are almost too many kinds of assessments to count, but you don't have to be overwhelmed by them all. The best way to think about accessibility assessments is like a tool box full of dozens of tools. You only need the tool that's meant for the job you're working on. Likewise, you'll probably only need one assessment per project phase.


Phase 1: Planning

Use an assessment to determine how to get started, what your risks are or what kind of investments you should be prepared to make as you begin your accessibility project.

Phase 2: Remediation

Our detailed assessments with change recommendations help you to determine exactly what part of your code needs to be changed, and help you make the required fix.

Phase 3: Finalization

Once you've finished making accessibility changes to your website, you'll need a final assessment to verify that your site is now accessible.

Talk to a Deque expert about getting the assessment you need.