Accessibility testing with Sauce Labs and axe

Automated accessibility testing to clean up your code without impacting development velocity.

About the Deque - Sauce Labs Technology Partnership

The technology partnership between Deque and Sauce Labs enables Sauce customers to easily integrate accessibility testing into their quality processes, giving both testers and developers increased awareness and visibility into accessibility signals at every level of the software development process. With capabilities from Deque’s axe suite of tools integrated directly into the Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud, Sauce Labs customers can now automate accessibility testing and gain greater visibility into accessibility issues as part of their end-to-end testing programs, while joint customers can seamlessly transition over to the Deque platform when a deeper dive into accessibility issues is needed.

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What is Digital Accessibility?

Digital Accessibility is the practice of making digital documents, web and mobile apps accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Many people with visual, auditory, motor, speech or cognitive disabilities rely on various forms of assistive technology or usability features to experience the full benefit the web has to offer. Without the continuous use of features like captions, alt-text for screen readers, zoom functions, simple presentation layouts and more, digital content may be inconvenient or impossible to use.

To find and fix accessibility issues, a combination of automated and manual testing approaches is common. Using axe, users can automatically detect 57% of all accessibility issues, leaving the more complex issues to be detected using a manual test performed by an Accessibility Expert.

Benefits of Practicing Digital Accessibility

It's the right thing to do

Digital accessibility is a human right. Usability enhancements that include people with disabilities benefit everyone.

Expanded market-share

1 Billion people worldwide live with some form of disability. This underserved market represents over $13 Trillion in disposable income.

Reduced risk

Thousands of organizations are sued every year for violating accessibility regulations. The average cost of fixing a single accessibility issue in production is more than $10k.

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