Come visit the Deque Team at CSUN 2017!

We've got a lot going on at CSUN this year that you won't want to miss.  On this page you can find a list of the presentations we've got scheduled in our Showcase Suite (in Seaport Ballroom F) and our special events, including the aXe Hackathon and our Annual Party with Accessible Karaoke.  Once the conference kicks off on Tuesday, Feb. 28th, we'll also share accessible PDFs of all our handouts and a link to sign up to receive presentation slides.  If you're looking for something you don't see here, feel free to send us an email and we'll see what we can do!

The CSUN 2017 Assistive Technology Conference takes place from Feb. 27th to March 4th at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, CA. Learn more on the CSUN conference website.

Deque Party + Accessible Karaoke

Our annual CSUN party seems to get bigger every year! This year the party will feature...

  • Accessible Karaoke with ASL interpretation provided by LotuSIGN
  • A Meet and Greet with our friends at the IAAP
  • Raffle prizes, including two Google Home devices
  • Food, drinks, a photo booth, and more fun than you can shake a white cane at!


Wednesday, March 1st - 6:30-10pm


Palm Foyer, 2nd floor at the Manchester Grand Hyatt

Do you want to participate in Accessible Karaoke?

Make sure you sign up for karaoke here!

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aXe Hackathon

Marcy Sutton and Wilco Fiers will be hosting our 2nd annual aXe Hackathon as part of CSUN 2017. This year, we'll be using aXe to perform accessibility testing on open source component libraries, WordPress templates, and who knows what else, and we'll log those issues with the content owners. Details on a more advanced project will be coming soon...


Anyone! Everyone! All experience levels. Seasoned developers and people who wouldn't know an anchor tag if it punched them in the blogspot. If you can download a browser extension, you can test for accessibility. And if you'd like something more challenging, don't worry - we'll have you covered.


The Manchester Grand Hyatt, Room: Solana Beach AB
1 Market Place, San Diego, CA 92101


Saturday, March 4th, 2017 - 9am-12pm.


Because people with disabilities deserve equal access to the internet, and it takes a village to make this kind of change. Plus, you'll come away with some valuable skills, like...

  • How to perform basic accessibility testing
  • How to put together an accessibility bug report that is easy to understand and easy to act on
  • How to log issues on GitHub

And yes, there will be free snacks and prizes. You won't want to miss it!

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Coffee and Networking

We will host a morning Coffee and Networking hour from 8:00am-9:00am, Wednesday through Friday of CSUN, in the Deque Showcase - Seaport Ballroom F. Stop by for your morning caffeine (or muffin) fix, and get to know the Deque team!

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Deque Showcase Presentation Schedule

All presentations will take place in the Deque Showcase - Seaport Ballroom F, 2nd Floor, Seaport Tower.

If you'd like copies of our slides, please sign up at

Wednesday, March 1st

9:00am - The State of Accessibility: Looking Back at 2016 (Preety Kumar)

As the CEO of Deque Systems, Ms. Kumar works with many Fortune 500 companies making accessibility part of their business and shares trends of 2016.

10:00am - Scaling Accessibility in the Enterprise (Dylan Barrell)

How do enterprises structure their IT organizations so that every application is accessible by default?

11:00am - 2017 Design Trends and Their Impact on Accessibility (Denis Boudreau)

Current Web design trends have a huge impact on the user experience of people with disabilities and the elderly. Come find out why, and how!

1:20pm - Integrating Accessibility into Your Development Workflow with Attest (Marcy Sutton)

Self-sufficiency is the name of the game. Learn how Deque's WorldSpace Attest tools help web developers take charge of accessibility, with consistent results across organizations.

2:20pm - State & Local Government: Roadmap for Section 508 ICT Accessibility Success (Katie Haritos-Shea)

Roadmap to establish: governance/oversight; financial and strategic plans; controls/artifacts; staff competency; metrics/monitoring; in agency Accessibility compliance programs - via experience and best practices.

3:20pm - Stump the Accessibility Expert! (Denis Boudreau, CB Averitt, Matt Isner)

Bring your best accessibility conundrums to this game show-style event and see if you can stump our accessibility experts.

Thursday, March 2nd

9:00am - Design Before Code: Thinking About Accessibility from the Ground Up (Caitlin Geier)

Think about accessibility when designing: don't wait till it's coded! This session includes accessibility tips for designers so that time will be saved in development.

10:00am - Scaling Manual Accessibility Testing (Ian Kelly)

Learn how to empower your manual testing team to establish consistent, cost-effective processes for accessibility testing and reporting.

11:00am - Advanced ARIA (Harris Schneiderman)

Learn Advanced Usage of Complex WAI-ARIA Widgets like Live Regions, Form Validation, Modal Dialogs, Tab Panels, Checkboxes, Menus, Toggle Buttons, Expandable Controls, and More!

1:20pm - Low Vision Task Force - Proposed Success Criteria for WCAG 2.1 (Glenda Sims, Andrew Kirkpatrick, Jim Allan, Wayne Dick)

The next version of WCAG is being drafted right now! The W3C Low Vision Task force has been researching user needs and writing proposed WCAG 2.1 success criteria and sufficient techniques. Come see what is proposed for low vision in WCAG Next.

2:20pm - Creating Successful Accessibility Programs through Governance (Dennis Lembree, Sujasree Kurapati, Aparna Pasi)

Explore techniques in creating successful accessibility programs in large organizations. Learn about implementations across several countries and organizations and how effective governance helps achieve objectives.

Friday, March 3rd

9:00am - Strategy for Native Mobile App Testing Methodology: iOS vs Android (Jatin Vaishnav, Chris McMeeking)

When WCAG 2.0 can't apply 100% to native mobile apps and the new standards are not yet finalized, learn how to develop robust app testing methodology.

10:00am - Continuously Integrated Accessibility (Wilco Fiers)

Let's take a look at how developers can use the aXe utility library to simplify their accessibility integration and unit tests!

11:00am - Explorations in the Virtual DOM: How React.js Impacts Accessibility (Marcy Sutton)

React is a JavaScript web development framework with a different approach to rendering. We'll explore how this impacts accessibility, from user experience to automated testing.

1:20pm - Keyboard Accessibility & .focus() Management in Web Development (Matt Isner)

Make Custom Controls Keyboard Operable with JavaScript onkeydown Events and Manage Keyboard Focus in Single Page Applications, Modal Dialogs, Hamburger Menus, Error Messages, and more!

2:20pm - Kiosk Accessibility, the Journey To Make Kiosks Accessible to All (Glenda Sims, Jennifer Sawczyn)

Kiosk accessibility presents interesting challenges due to the lack of screen readers and traditional touch interfaces while also presenting a broad canvas for innovation.

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Deque in the Exhibit Hall

We will have a booth in the exhibit hall this year. Stop by booth 716 to learn more about Deque products and services, get a quick demo, grab a t-shirt, or just say hi!

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Product and Service Information

Looking for an accessible PDF of our product and services information? We will be sharing those on this page starting on Tuesday, Feb. 28th, 2017.