axe Hackathon 2019

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Contribute to making the web accessible to people with disabilities at the 4th Annual axe-Hackathon on March 16th, 2019. The Hackathon will be led by Wilco Fiers and other members of the axe team. We will be…

  • Testing open source component libraries and logging accessibility issues
  • Building new axe integrations
  • Sharing knowledge and solutions with our fellow accessibility devotees
  • Working on personal accessibility projects
  • Hanging out with awesome people and making the web a better place

Projects to Target

  • Open source component libraries
  • Websites and applications w/ feedback channels
  • axe-core: WCAG 2.1 or other rules
  • Personal accessibility projects

This year some members of the Facebook team will also be joining the Hackathon to work on improving static analysis for accessibility support in JSX via linting and rules. They will hack on the eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y ESLint plugin and explore options to integrate axe into it. We welcome everyone to participate – coders, testers, evaluators and semantic HTML enthusiasts alike – and the issues we have gathered will appeal to all levels of skill.

Available Testing Tools

Sample Issue Format

If your project involves submitting issues to project, here is our suggested format:

 ## Issue Description
// What is the nature of the issue? Which browser and/or Assistive Technology?

## How to reproduce / Current behavior
// Step-by-step instructions explaining how to reproduce the problem. Environment required, explicit identification of the component in question

## How to validate (Acceptance Criteria) / Expected behavior
// A set of assumptions which, when tested, verify that the accessibility requirement was met.

## Additional information
// How does it impact users?

// Stacktraces, related issues, suggestions how to fix

Don’t forget to keep track of how many issues you file!

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