Guide to getting started at axe-con

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axe-con: Building accessible experiences

What is axe-con?

Axe-con is an inclusive digital accessibility conference that welcomes developers, designers, business users, and accessibility professionals of all experience levels. Attendees and speakers are focused on building, testing, and maintaining accessible digital experiences.

Talks at axe-con include case studies from enterprise companies leading in large-scale accessibility efforts, as well as best practices and updates from technology leaders around the world. Join us to learn how to build, test, monitor, and maintain digital accessibility.

axe-con 2024 by the numbers

  • 50 Sessions
  • 75+ Speakers
  • 29,000+ Attendees
  • 12,000+ Organizations

Jump into great content with axe-con 2024’s keynote!

Keynote: Squirmy and Grubs, Interabled YouTube Couple and Disability Rights Advocates



Helping Debunk Disability Stigma

Authors and YouTubers, Shane and Hannah Burcaw, share their interabled love story as a way of breaking down and understanding social ableism and stigma surrounding disability. Through hilarious and cringey anecdotes, the duo will explore how all of us can be better allies to the disability community.

What the axe-con 2024 participants said...

"Please keep up the good work with the axe-cons! I've been able to inspire several colleagues to join the axe-con for the first time. I love seeing more and more people get interested and enthusiastic about accessibility."

"I look forward to axe-con every year as it’s one of the most comprehensive and high quality digital accessibility focused conferences available that’s also free so no need to request or be denied permission to attend by my employer. Thanks!"

"I liked the keynote speakers, the discussions around AI and accessibility, and the wealth of knowledge provided for every topic. Definitely quality speakers. It gets better and better every year!"

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In addition to our great keynotes, axe-con is made up of four tracks:

  1. Accessible development and testing
  2. Accessible design/UX
  3. Organizational success & accessibility
  4. Wildcard (for fun, out-of-the-box topics)

Each of these tracks has content for beginners and experts from the industry’s top minds. Register now to watch 50 free, on-demand sessions from axe-con 2024.

*Your registration will give you access to the axe-con 2023 and the 2024 recordings – that’s 100 sessions on-demand!