Speech Input

Explore assistive technology that works by dictation or speech input.

Dictation Software

Meet Nick

Nick is bearded and wears a tan fedora. He looks like he'd rather be hiking around Machu Picchu right now.Nick, 56 years old, Senior Software Architect – Nick has about every ergonomic keyboard and mouse available for purchase, but when his arthritis flares up, using a mouse or typing on a keyboard is just too painful. On really bad days, Nick will use dictation software.


Exercise: Use your voice to dictate a sentence with Dragon

Screengrab of the Dragon software menu bar including a big green button with a microphone that will need to be pressed to trigger dictation recording.

  1. The Dragon Bar should be visible at the top of the screen.
    • Make sure the Microphone Button is On
      On (green) Screengrab of the microphone button in the green or "on" state.           Off (red) Screengrab of the microphone button in the red or "off" state.
  2. Put on headset. Position mic one inch from corner of your mouth.
  3. To begin:
    • Say “open dragon pad”
    • Say “When the weather is rainy don’t forget your boots and umbrella period”
    • Say “correct rainy”
    • Say “rainy comma”
    • Say “go to end of line”
    • Say “new line new line”
  4. To prepare the laptop for the next participant:
    • Say “select all”
    • Say “delete”
    • Say “close dragon pad”
    • You will be asked if you want to save changes. Say “tab”
    • Say “press enter”

Help! I’m Stuck! If you get stuck, use the mouse to get back on track.

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