Braille Your Name

Learn how to write your name with a Braille slate in your Lab Book.

Braille Your Name

  1. Locate a Braille Slate, Stylus, and a blank index card.
  2. Realize that to write in Braille using a stylus, you will write in reverse.
  3. Review the reverse Braille symbols for the letters to write your name.
  4. Use Braille Slate & Stylus to write your name in Braille on an index card.

How to Use Slate & Stylus

  • Place slate with window/rectangle opening part of the slate up and the hinged side on your left. Open the slate. It opens from right to left, like a book. Don’t force the slate to open backwards; it could break the hinges. There is a small peg sticking up in each corner of the right-hand side of the slate and a little hole in each corner on the left side.Photo illustrating the described placement of the Braille Slate.
  • Place an index card over the right-hand part of the slate. The top of the index card should be even with the top of the slate. The left side should be next to the hinges.Photo illustrating the described placement of the index card in the Braille Slate.
  • Close the window part of the slate over the index card as if you were closing a book and push it down firmly. You will hear the four corner pegs poking through the paper into the corresponding holes to anchor the paper in place. The slate is now ready to use.Photo illustrating the described placement of the index card in the closed Braille Slate.

Writing Braille in Reverse

A person writing Braille with a slate and stylus must write from right to left and must form the Braille characters in reverse. The raised dots appear on the back side of the paper. When the paper is turned over, the dots face upward and can be felt with the fingers.


Braille Alphabet Chart in Reverse for Slate & Stylus Users

Image showing the Braille alphabet in reverse.


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