Blind & Low Vision

Explore a web page with a screen reader and learn about the different degrees and types of low vision.

The Screen Reader

Meet Chelsea

Chelsea enjoys a smoothie while taking a work call from homeChelsea, 32 years old, Intellectual Property Lawyer – Chelsea is an Intellectual Property Lawyer. She has been blind since she was 16. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science before going on to pursue her law degree. Chelsea always has a computer or her mobile phone within reach. She loves to play card and board games for relaxation. She eventually hopes to focus her practice on IP in the video game and augmented reality fields.


Exercise: Using a Screen Reader

Many blind and visually impaired people use screen readers to interact with websites and applications. They can pull up a list of all of the headings on the page, or all of the links to navigate faster. Here’s how you get started with your screen reader:

  1. Double-click on the NVDA icon located on the desktop.
  2. Double-click on the Firefox icon located on the desktop.
  3. Try interacting with items on the web-page using just the keyboard. A list of keyboard commands is available to assist you.
  4. Follow the instructions on the web-page to continue. Do you understand where you are on the page?
  5. To prepare for the next participant, please close Firefox.
  6. Turn off NVDA by pressing the Caps key + Q.
  7. NVDA will prompt you whether you would like to end the program or not. Select Yes, then Enter.

Variations of Low Vision

Meet Todd

Photo of Todd smiling as he makes a call while hanging out outside.Todd, 37 years old, Software Developer – Todd has been progressively losing his sight after a car accident where he suffered a critical head trauma. As a Low Vision user, Todd continues to use the web every day. He relies on a magnification and screen reader software to use computers, work and navigate websites.


Exercise: Low Vision Simulation

  1. Pick up the Low Vision Simulation Card.
  2. Close one eye and hold the Low Vision Simulation Card up to your other eye.
  3. Try to read the quotes on the ‘Quote Cards’ while simulating Cataracts.

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