How to make PDFs accessible for emergency communications

Reach the most people with your documents, even in times of crisis. By learning the basics of PDF and document accessibility, your emergency communications will be in a position for maximum impact in minimal time.

This training has been developed in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Deque Systems, Inc.

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About the webinar

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State and local health organizations have a crucial role to play in disseminating information to citizens. Even in times of crisis, we must strive to reach the largest population possible to do the most good. Many people with disabilities (an estimated 1 in 4 Americans) rely on you to ensure the PDF communications you share are accessible to them.

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Ensure PDFs you create have a basic set of common accessibility issues resolved, creating a better user experience for people with disabilities.
  • Understand the basics of Adobe Acrobat Pro’s “accessibility wizard.”
  • Set yourself up for in-depth, fuller-coverage accessibility testing in the future.
  • Reach a larger audience by making your PDFs more consumable for all.

Mark D. Urban

CDC Accessibility Program Manager
HHS Section 508 Operations Co-Chair
[email protected]

Denis Boudreau, CPWA

Principal Accessibility Consultant & Training Lead
W3C Silver TaskForce Contributor
[email protected]