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guaranteed satisfactionFrom Deque's Accessibility Experts

As a website accessibility company, we look to a core group of experts to keep us up to date on the latest in accessibility trends and information. But we wondered: how do the experts stay on top of such a fast moving field? We recently asked some of our #a11ychat hosts and website accessibility experts to share their favorite accessibility resources on the web.

They all agreed that Twitter was the best place to keep updated with real time data and discussions. They regularly follow the conversations at hashtags: a11y, #wa11y and #accessibility. While most of our hosts agreed that they don't follow blogs on a daily basis, they provided a great list of blogs and resources they trust and go to when trying to solve problems.

Webdev Newsletter

This award-winning newsletter is updated each time a new link is added to the Web Design Reference Site, and focuses on elements of user experience, accessibility, web standards and more.

Juicy Studio

An independent UK site, Juicy Studio features articles about best practices in web development, with accessibility a prime focus. Users can access free accessibility tools such as a readability test, a luminosity color contrast analyzer, and an image analyzer. The site even allows users to switch to a high-contrast version of the site to provide better access.

Terrill Thompson

A technology accessibility specialist at the University of Washington, Terrill Thompson's site features numerous accessibility resources including educational slides, accessibility analysis tests and a blog ( with the latest accessibility news.

The Paciello Group Blog

This blog by accessibility consultants focuses on accessible web development.


Henny Swan's blog features a variety of web accessibility articles with a focus on mobile. Henny is an accessibility specialist with over 10 years' experience. She focuses on video on demand and mobile as well as strategy and currently work on cross device media player accessibility (iPlayer) at the BBC.

Illinois Center for Information Technology and Web Accessibility

The center's website contains numerous resources such as best practices, training and links to additional information.

Open Ajax Examples

Handy grid contains example markup for developers.

Jim Thatcher

Features helpful tutorials on testing for web accessibility from renowned accessibility expert Jim Thatcher. You'd be hard-pressed to find another person with more experience in the web accessibility field.

Marco's Accessibility Blog

Accessibility blog from Mozilla's accessibility QA engineer.

Access iQ

This site offers a variety of resources to learn about web accessibility. Features free and premium content.

Media Access Australia

Media Access is an Australian non-profit devoted to accessible media content. The latest news section is a great source for new developments in web accessibility.

Karl Groves

This blog focuses on accessibility and agile web development. Karl Groves is an independent accessibility consultant with nearly a decade of professional experience in web design/development and over 6 years experience doing usability and accessibility consulting.

Thank you to our contributors to this post - Glenda Sims (@goodwitch), Denis Boudreau (@dboudreau), and Todd Liebsch (@devineTdesign)! Join us for our next #a11ychat, you may find that it is a great accessibility resource too! July's chat is at 4pm EDT on July 22nd.

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For over fifteen years, Deque has been helping major corporations, government agencies, and other organizations ensure that their websites and mobile apps are accessible to everyone. We have more than fifteen years of history of serving the federal government, including undertaking the biggest accessibility program that's occurred in the United States government or anywhere. Deque also works with .edu's and mission-focused nonprofits to ensure that their materials and systems are usable and barrier free for users with disabilities. The company invented the first accessibility plug-in software, the first web-based testing platform, and the first server-based accessibility solution. All of these have been created in the service of helping our customers become accessible, advance the goals of their organization, and remove barriers for all users on the web.


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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Great list! And if there’s room for one more resource, which focuses on content accessibility, I’d like to recommend Dey Alexander’s 4 Syllables

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