Tips for Accessibility on World Autism Day

autism awareness ribbonApril 2nd is designated as World Autism Day, which is a day to increase awareness and celebrate the acceptance of those with autism. Did you know that the latest figures indicate that 1 in 50 children in the United States are now on the autism spectrum? With more and more children receiving a diagnosis, ensuring access becomes increasingly important.

Designing for Cognitive Abilities

Most people often think of physical disabilities when considering web accessibility. But websites also need to be accessible for people of various cognitive abilities as well. We decided to compile some handy resources and tips to help make your digital content more user-friendly for people on the spectrum.

As you have seen, designing an accessible website goes beyond making sure a site is keyboard navigable, or that videos are captioned. There are other content and design considerations to take into account when creating an accessible website. Share this post with someone who may benefit from this information. Spread the knowledge!


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